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Audience is email marketing software for creators.
Because we’ve been there before and are there now too, we know what you need to run a successful business. Our app will help you:
Grow your audience to grow your income

Your email list is your biggest asset. With Audience, it’s easy to customize and embed forms on your website to turn casual readers into subscribers. Don’t have a website? You can build a landing page to start growing your list today.

“I can set up a form to send an incentive in under 5 minutes with Audience. With incentives such as quick printables, I’ve been able to grow my list to over 50,000 email subscribers!

Rebecca Gomez
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Understand your audience through tags and segments
Organizing your subscribers is much easier when you can tag them based on their interests, activity, and more. These tags can be grouped into segments to help you send the right message at the right time

“A lot of our business runs on evergreen funnels, which requires us to tag people as they opt in for specific things and send them through the right funnel based on their interest, automatically. Audience has made this so simple – it keeps the tech of evergreen funnels manageable!”

Sarah Hurtz
Online course advisor
We connect to the best tools to help you build your business
We focus on being the best at email marketing and then build great integrations with e-commerce, landing page, membership site providers, and more. And with over 80 integrations, you’re sure to find the right tools for your business.

“I wanted an email marketing provider that was geared toward artists and creators and could work with the other tools we use everyday. I got that with Audience. Their Shopify integration is seamless and allows us to keep track of every purchase so we can stay in touch with our audience.”

Erci Dunn
Our success is your success
Leading deliverability
Our main focus is to get you in inboxes. That reliable deliverability means you gain trust with your readers and can be seen as an authority in your industry.
Switching is easy
We’ve removed all the roadblocks for you to switch from another provider. Whether you use our clear-cut How-to guides or qualify for our concierge migrations (yep, we’ll move every subscriber, sequence, and form), switching to Audience is a snap.
We support you
Our team is ready to listen and help you grow your business. Not only do we answer your questions, we also host live trainings, regularly update knowledgebase articles, and host weekly workshops.

“Visual automations are everything. It allows me and my team to visually create the marketing funnels necessary to make sure everyone is going down the right path for them, and they are receiving emails they are supposed to. More than increasing my income, it’s helping me serve more people!”

Marc Schmidt
Content operator
Audience is email marketing
software for creators.
Just getting started?
Learn the basics of email marketing with our easy-to-follow free guide written especially for online creators.
Ready to up your game?
The first step is having the right tools for your business. It’s time to upgrade to features tailored to online creators.
Want productivity?
Our automations take the worry out of email marketing. Let us show you how it works with a real demonstration.